Step aside cupcakes - dainties are the new cool

We handcraft the best cookies you have ever tasted. Soft and gooey in the middle, frosted, iced, dusted or dipped to perfection and all with a heavenly, melt in the mouth texture. Delightful flavours too. 

Our cookie dainties are handmade, three good bites and made from the finest organic and unrefined ingredients - a little bit of luxe. All flavours and colours are totally natural and we locally source wherever possible - from organic Shipton Mill flour and Montezuma's chocolate, to Green & Black's 100% cocoa. They're the cat's pyjamas.

We cater for all types of events - corporate, weddings and children's parties. We do next day couriered gift orders and promotional campaigns. Dainties and packaging can be branded or themed - we love creating bespoke flavours too. See THE PRICES for more info or contact us with your requirements. 

  • Iced Gingerbread organic cookies for events or delivery via courier

  • Individual luxury organic cookie favours for weddings and gifts and promotional giveaways

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